Bringing Agribusiness to the 21st Century


A Comprehensive
and Integrated Solution

Built on MS Dynamics AX, our Agri SEEDs solution makes hybrid seeds production, storage, processing, and sales simpler and more efficient.

Inventory Management

Agri-SEEDs provides a controlled inventory management system with traceability. This results in accurate real-time data across all batches, improved stock level management and efficient expired seed management. Modules also make it simpler to handle price agreements and quality.

Grower Management

Improve your ability to manage growers and field coordinators by syncing and managing grower and field coordinator databases. It even helps you effectively track grower payments, field based compensation and input materials provided to the growers.

Plantation and Agronomy

Capture and track field monitoring data throughout the production stages, from sowing to harvesting. Modules also monitor and record quality data, including quality of yields across fields, crops and areas, and updates them in the Field Inspection Report (FIR).

Field Production
and Seed Processing

Monitor the production in every field to keep track of their progress over time. The batches coming out of each field are traced, effectively helping you manage quality through matching origin of each batch with seed specifications.

Sales and Distribution

Improve your forward supply chain, including your return management, discounts handling and expiry date control (FEFO). Agri-SEEDs’ solution can help you manage distribution through agents, improve accuracy in calculating customer receivables, and track the credit given to customers.

Quality Control

Every dimension of quality information across all stages are captured and maintained, with a unique result for each batch. Quality orders and tests for incoming batches are automatically created through a full integration with the inventory management module.

Financial Management

Manage all your financial transactions in one place and in real time. The highlights of our financial management module include expense Management for traveling field officers, real time management of payables and receivables, grower payment reconciliation, and sales receivables and discounts.

One Point Solution for Every Hybrid Seed Management Need

Controlled Inventory Management

With a quick real time view of the inventory, available batches, and expiry dates.

Timely Availability of Seeds

Quick tracking capabilities enables you to improve your delivery performance drastically.

Process Insights
and Efficiency Improvement

Track and trace all your batches to receive insights over processes and the resulting quality.

Complete Quality Management

A robust database to make your claim management and issuance a breeze.

Product Costs Insights

Better decisions and cost management with every batch of seeds.

Information Management

Clean database management forms the basis for making the right strategic decisions.